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BBC News 3 October 2011

HMS Beagle Project director helps ALMA explore the origin of stars

3rd October 2011

BBC Mobile

The Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) has captured its first stunning images from a high plateau in northern Chile. The array, unprecedented in size and sophistication, will enable new investigations of the formation of galaxies, stars and planets. HMS Beagle Project director Dr. Ravinder Bhatia, a member of the Science and Chilean Outreach teams, is a System Engineer at ALMA.

HMS Beagle spent over a year (1834-1835) travelling the coastline of Chile. During this time, the crew witnessed the earthquake of 1835 and associated volcanic eruptions, and Charles Darwin undertook several journeys into the Andes.

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Tocorime screenshot

Ciencia tentar repetir as expedicoes de Darwin

23rd November 2009


O que Darwin teria descoberto sobre a evolução das espécies se tivesse em mãos todos os recursos científicos e tecnológicos do século XXI? Uma expedição une esforços para refazer o trajeto de Darwin… Read more

Duke Today 16 September 2009

Duke Scientist Makes Like Darwin In Brazil

16th September 2009

Duke Today

BEAUFORT, N.C. - In an inspiring mix of 19th and 21st Century technologies, a Duke Marine Lab researcher will play the role of Charles Darwin on an upcoming oceanographic cruise off the coast of Brazil.

Kevin Zelnio, a blogger and marine biologist who works with Marine Lab Director Cindy Van Dover, will be aboard a twin-masted tall ship as the science officer and blogger-in-residence during a Sept. 20-23 expedition.

Zelnio, who regularly blogs from Deep Sea News, will identify marine organisms and run DNA extractions on them as they are pulled aboard by the Brazilian tall ship Tocorimé off the coast of Paraty, Brazil. He'll also be blogging at and updating Twitter as @kzelnio… Read more