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Guardian 18 October 2010

Rebuilding HMS Beagle, and Hubble’s 20th birthday

18th October 2010

Science Weekly podcast, Guardian online

A project to recreate the ship in which Charles Darwin sailed to the Galapagos, NASA's shuttle tweetup, how to dial the space station, Hubble turns 20, why Arabic science has been falling behind, and Stephen Hawking sells out the Royal Albert Hall.

All the way from Maine, Dr Karen James joins us in the studio to tell us about The Beagle Project, which aims to recreate the ship in which Charles Darwin sailed on his world-changing voyage of discovery.

Karen is also a huge space fan and will watch the penultimate shuttle launch as part of NASA’s tweetup. She also tells us about getting a call on her mobile phone from the space station…Listen

Guardian 15 September 2010

The Beagle, the astronaut and a party in Brazil put the awe back into science

15th September 2010

Guardian online

A collaboration between the Beagle Project and NASA is working to inspire kids to follow in the path of Charles Darwin.

Before joining NASA as a space medicine specialist, astronaut Michael Barratt had been a zoology graduate. He described himself as a James Cook freak, a sailing enthusiast and, at one time, a wannabe marine biologist.

Three years ago, still an astronaut-in-training, Barratt came across a news snippet that caught his attention. A British team was planning to rebuild HMS Beagle, the ship that bore Charles Darwin on his historic voyage of discovery 180 years ago, as a way to "put the awe back into science"… Read more

Tocorime screenshot

Ciencia tentar repetir as expedicoes de Darwin

23rd November 2009


O que Darwin teria descoberto sobre a evolução das espécies se tivesse em mãos todos os recursos científicos e tecnológicos do século XXI? Uma expedição une esforços para refazer o trajeto de Darwin… Read more

TV Brasil screenshot

Darwin em Paraty

23rd September 2009

TV Brasil

Estudantes em Paraty, no litoral fluminense, conversam com um astronauta no espaço. A experiência faz parte de um projeto científico que revive a viagem marítima de Charles Darwin pela América do Sul… Watch

TV Rio Sul screenshot

Conferência em Paraty homenageia Charles Darwin

23rd September 2009

TV Rio Sul

E cientistas do Brasil e do exterior estão reunidos em Paraty para uma Conferência em homenagem ao inglês que elaborou a teoria da evolução. Só que em meio aos profissionais da área, estudantes também puderam aproveitar para entender a matéria dada em sala de aula. Até um bate-papo com um pessoa que está fora do planeta fez parte da experiência… Watch